Pilonidal Sinus

About Pilonidal Sinus

This is a commonly seen in males & hardly in females. Due to continue sitting, buttocks move & hair cuts of by friction & collect in cleft. Such loose hairs travel down & enter in sudoriferous gland under skin. And their accours dermatitis, inflammation & formation of sinus.

Typically it is present above the lavel of first piece of coccyx. There is a blood strained foul discharge from it.


If there is no symptoms treatment is not required. To avoid infection keep the area clean & dry well after washing. In acute infection you will usually needs an emergency operation to drain the sinus.

Ayurvedic seton(Ksharsutra) is also good option to treat the pilonidal sinus.

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery


Pilonidal sinus tracking

Radiowave equipment useful for Pilonidal sinus Surgery


Sinus opening with radiowaves

Radiowave equipment useful for Pilonidal Sinus Surgery


Healed wound after 8 weeks

Radiowave equipment useful for Pilonidal Sinus Surgery


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